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IAT (Implicit Association Test)


D measure scoring for IAT

When you create and run an Implicit Association Test (IAT) in Psychexp, a D-score is automatically calculated and recorded in the summary dataset. This D-score can also be displayed to the participant if 'Display Result Page' is switched on in the settings.
The D-score automatically calculated by Psychexp follows the simplest procedure [D1] out of the seven types (D1-D6) presented as "Variations of D measures" in Table 2 of the article by Greenwald et al (2003). Please note that the automatic calculation of D-scores by Psychexp is mainly intended to provide immediate feedback to participants and the calculated values are only indicative.
When analysing IAT data for research purposes, it is recommended to recalculate the D-score according to the 'improved algorithm' recommended in the article by Greenwald et al. (2003).

Download the Zip file below, which contains the README (.txt file: Japanese/English instructions) and the SPSS syntax (.sps file).
By following the instructions and running the syntax on your SPSS software, you can calculate D-scores from the 'detailed dataset' CSV file downloaded from Psychexp, following the procedure recommended by Greenwald et al. (2003).

*This explanation and SPSS syntax were provided by Professor Yuka Ozaki, Department of Social Psychology, Toyo University.

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